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Early Childhood Mental Health

For short articles about various topics related to children's emotional health and behavior scroll down to Focus on ECMH Articles heading.

Infant & Toddler Parenting:

Zero to Three:

Fussy Baby:

T Berry Brazelton:

Babies Rock with Books

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

School Skills/ Kindergarten Readiness:

Born Learning:

Pennsylvania's Early Learning Standards:

Kindergarten, Ready or Not?

Kindergarten Here I Come activity calendar - request a copy by emailing or calling Smart Start at 238-0331

Here I Come Calendar

NAEYC's position statement on School Readiness.

NAEYC's Young Children article about research on delaying kindergarten entry.

Office of Child Development and Early Learning recommendations regarding transitions for young children

Potty Training

Emotional Development & Mental Health:

Center for the Developing Child - The Foundations of Lifelong Health are Built in Early Childhood -

Center for the Developing Child - Mental Health Problems in Early Childhood Can Impair Learning and Behavior for Life -

Sleep Issues:

Dr. Sears:

Mayo Clinic:

Sleep Foundation:

Eating and Feeding:

USDA Food and Nutrition Center: Read More


Early Intervention:

Families Guide to Early Intervention in PA:;//;80/portal/

Families Guide to Early Intervention in PA Spanish version:;//;80/portal/

Free Screenings at Schlow Centre Region Library