Investing in Quality

Why Invest?

NPR report on preschool skills leading to job skills. Read More

Video highlights how actions affect life outcomes of children: This 3-minute video adapts the visual sensibility of interactive game models to a video format which portrays how actions taken by parents, teachers, policymakers, and others can affect life outcomes for both the child and the surrounding community.

To view the video and access other multimedia resources from the Center on the Developing Child, visit:

Study shows that attendance at the Chicago Parent-Child Centers – a program designed to extend from pre-k through 3rd grade in the inner city’s public schools – is connected to a person's success in life 25 years later:
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Professor James Heckman's research on the long-term benefits of investing in early childhood:

The Ounce of Prevention Fund - fighting poverty and its effects on young children:

The Ounce of Prevention YouTube Page including "Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything" and other videos illustrating the value of quality for young children:

Smart Start North Carolina's YouTube Page featuring "It's My Business" and other videos:

America's Edge Pennsylvania Report 2011 - How Investments in Early Learning Increase Sales from Local Businesses, Create Jobs, and Grow the Economy:

Beyond Babysitting movie trailer:

Mar. 2011: Early Childhood Programs Impact Kindergarten Readiness in Maryland:

Mar. 2011: The Benefits of Head Start:

Mar. 2011: PA Business Leaders Calls for Public Investment in Quality Early Childhood Education:

Sept. 2010: The Importance of Nurturing:

How Early Childhood Education programs help families prepare for transitions to Kindergarten and beyond: